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By combining the most advanced preparation and cooking methods, we maximize flavor while ensuring vital nutrients are not lost.



A restaurant with healthy food and ingredients seemed to always be in the cards for Mike. Sports had played a vital role in his childhood and he had an undying passion for good food, a passion that almost drove him to culinary school. Instead, he chose a more conventional college route, studying business and recreation administration – knowing he could one day return to the culinary arts. His love of food and sport never wavered. While in college Mike became a golf professional where he developed a deep understanding of dedication, hard work and personal interaction.

After school Mike left the golf business to launch a manufacturing start up that was acquired in 2011 – his first taste of independent business success. In 2006, Mike grew an interest in mixed martial arts and strength conditioning. This new passion required a healthy diet, rich in nutrients and void of unhealthy fats and additives. To eat healthy, he began to create meals for his family that were nutritious and delicious. However, still traveling the world for business, it was very difficult to find healthy dining options that were still satisfying.After years of research and searching for the right team Fresh Kitchen was launched in 2016 in Sea Girt, NJ to deliver just what Mike was looking for – healthy and nutritious meals that were delicious. Mike still travels the country, but now he is looking for new nutritional ingredients and recipes that can be brought to you at Fresh Kitchen.



Chef Chris Burgess grew up working in kitchens, where he learned at an early age that quality food was an essential ingredient to good living. In the early 90’s after working in French bistros, Chris decided to become adventurous and travel throughout the United States experiencing different cuisines. This journey led Chris back and forth across the continent, where he visited local street markets, eclectic butchers, and learned food traditions from local cooks across country. Chris spent the next 6 years working in a bio-dynamic farm in Colorado, a free range dairy farm in Vermont, a ranch in South Texas, a wild game ranch in Montana, and a self-sustainable fish hatchery in New Mexico, while working alongside dedicated and passionate chefs.

In 2001, Chris’s culinary adventure took him to Southern California and Mexico, where his knowledge and passion for food solidified. in California, he opened a Culinary Arts Academy serving the local community, and a sister school for the Toussaint Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has the privilege to be a guest instructor for Le Cordon blue, cook for celebrities, presidents, athletes and dignitaries, and be invited to speak for the world science festival.  Chris has since found a love for New Jersey, where the local farms, intimate restaurants, and food culture speaks closest to his views on food and preparation.